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but when you talk about destruction:

I went biking, today, because obviously this driving thing isn't working out. I tried hard, I really did! But I just...don't even want to talk about it.

But right, I went biking!

I guess Jojo didn't take the bike, after all...or he did and the entry that blew his cover warmed his cold onyx heart into leftting him return the bike to its proper place on the rack.

Yeah, that's it!

I bought more strawberries, today. Now I'm going to hide them so CERTAIN BLONDE BASTARDS don't try and replace them with...apples


 This is the entry I'm reserving for later after I kill Max.

I'm listening to the Rolling Stones today. I feel like a traitor to J-Len (Jojo says that's the 'gangster' name to call him), but to make mysef feel better I just pretend that  it's karma/revenge for him marrying that midget azn bitch (not Prudence, by the way!!!).

I tried to draw Max as discreetly as possible, since I knew that otherwise he'd just get dramatic, but I think he noticed and saw my true intentions because he kept moving. So now the sketch is just one giant blob of motion blur. I hope he's satisfied.

Someone threw out my strawberries, again. This always fucking happens to me. Always. I am LOST in a sea of apples but there are no strawberries in this house and if I find out which wanker is tossing them out I will...what is that word that internet people use.....'pwn' them. That's right. I'll pwn them. No one throws my strawberries away.

It's getting cold, now. Since when does America get cold?! I thought that was a shameful mark on the British world this whole time.

Why does no one ever tell me these things? (except for Max who insists that it's because no one ever tells anything to limey fruitcakes. bugger.)

a day in the life (LOL GET IT?!)

So I tried my hand at driving an American car, today. It's one of my steps of 'Americanizing' myself so Max will stop calling me Liverpool/limey fruicake/any variation thereof. But it's not working out so well. I ran over a cat, I think, or a very small dog or a hairy kid. D:

Okay, you don't buy that.

The real reason I tried to learn to drive a car is because I think Jojo stole my bike. I can't find it anywhere and he just got a new jacket, so....who knows!

<3 Jude.


Max is always making me try to do some crazy American shit with him, like go bowling, or smoking, or golfing, or sucking him off.

So, SIGH, I gave in (not like that!) and made a livejournal.

This is Max, btw: bangbangxmexnow 

<3 Jude



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