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confessions of a limey fruitcake (fuck you, max)

i'll take your sad song and make it...pleasant

14 September
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me on a good day.

My name's Jude and I'm from Liverpool. Honestly, it really sucks. It smells like salt and welding ang shipd and pleather and there's not place to secretly-make-out-in-public. You have to do it in the road.

But see that's like the one GOOD thing about Liverpool - we spawned the Beatles and YOU DIDN'T!!!

I live in New York now with my superhotfinegirlfriend Lucy. :D And her equally superhot brother, Max. He drives taxis..somehow. I don't quite understand the yank way of NOT ONLY driving on the right side of the road but while sitting on the left side of the car! IT'S MADNESS! AND THE PRICE OF PETROL GAS IS CHEAP COMPARED TO HOME.

But enough of my gooshing. I'm an artist. I design..things...and draw other things besides. Maybe I'll update my journal with art and shit.

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